A lot happened at Alliant over the past year. Here are some quick highlights to help you and your business take full advantage of DataHub Membership!

  1. Reaching quality consumers across all channels is foundational for marketers so we released 350+ new Brand Propensity audiences built from activity across 175MM credit and bank cards
  2. Data collaboration is an integral component of a holistic strategy going forward, so we’ve extended our own collaborative environment through integrations with platforms like Snowflake, AWS Data Exchange and Karlsgate
  3. Connected TV (CTV) viewership has surpassed traditional TV, so we expanded audience distribution with leading CTV platforms like Cadent
  4. Third-party cookies are going away in 2023, so we future proofed the DataHub identity map with refined hygiene rules for hashed email and IP and integrated with leading unique ID frameworks such as UID2.0 and RampID (check out our webinar on how to prepare for the cookie-less future)
  5. The marketing landscape is changing faster than ever so we published 40+ new pieces of content across the quarterly Member newsletter, the Alliant blog and industry publications to help Members develop, activate and refine multichannel data strategies
  6. Data quality matters to all of us so we completed the first full year of partnership with Truthset, adding new data sets for quarterly scoring and improving Alliant Audiences based on report results
  7. Marketers need to have confidence in their partners, so we’ve continued our commitment to transparency and trust with renewed certifications for SOC 2 and IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency
  8. DataHub Members require fast and forward-thinking solutions, so we made significant upgrades to our technology stack that enables our data scientists to leverage even more data with the latest machine learning methodologies

If you’d like to learn more about any of the 2021 updates, or what we have in store for 2022, please reach out to your account manager!