Remembering Alliant Co-Founder and CFO

This September the Alliant team suffered the sudden loss of Co-Founder and CFO, Greg Dunn.  Greg was a true Renaissance man and entrepreneur — his worldly outlook and creative approach to problem solving was a driving force in Alliant’s success. While our hearts are heavy with loss, his impact on our story is profound, and we are forever grateful.

Greg was a graduate of Clark University in Worcester, MA receiving his BA in Political Science. He later completed all but his dissertation for a PhD on Childhood Education at SUNY Albany. Greg had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, taking music and art classes, teaching himself Spanish and devouring books on every topic from woodworking to business strategy and Buddhism. In recent years he continued his creative pursuits: writing, painting and sculpture, and he became deeply invested in his practice of yoga.

Greg and JoAnne – Alliant Holiday Party 2018

Greg began his extensive career with his family’s pioneering list management and brokerage company, Mal Dunn Associates. He later owned and operated a restoration construction company.  When his wife JoAnne began to simmer with the beginnings of Alliant, they assembled a team, often gathered around their kitchen table.  Rick Witsell, founding team member and current SVP of Communications, remembers that time fondly, “Greg was at his best. He was passionate about the business and totally engaged. This was the time I first experienced Greg’s wicked sense of humor and his intense loyalty for JoAnne. He loved the idea of Alliant. He knew we were onto something good.”

In his role as CFO Greg never wasted resources, but when something needed doing, he was fearless.  A true believer in “go big or go home”, Greg supported key technology initiatives at Alliant — Alliant’s real-time platforms, the Hadoop environment, our analytic systems. He was a masterful businessman, and his superpower was the art of negotiation. Greg understood the motivations of our partners and could articulate Alliant’s interests clearly, calmly and persistently. He ensured that both camps were partners and not adversaries.

The people side of the business really made Greg shine.  He loved the Alliant team. Over the years he developed many genuine friendships at Alliant. As Greg and JoAnne’s daughter, I often joked that Alliant was like another sibling. Greg and JoAnne treat the team like family and their sincere care and interest for others is a cornerstone of Alliant culture.  So inspired by what they built, I decided to join the Alliant team in the spring of 2019.  It was a true blessing to work alongside my father for these last few months.

Greg was a brilliant man with a big heart and a genuine wit. He encouraged all around him – his family, friends, colleagues and especially children – to explore and question, be kind and curious, measure twice – cut once. And anyone who was ever a part of the Alliant team is going to deeply miss his kindness and laughter.


Kaitlin Dunn, Director of Marketing

Kaitlin leads the Marketing and Creative teams at Alliant, supporting sales and product in communicating what we do and how we do it.  Kaitlin’s career includes managing acquisition for Martha Stewart Living magazine and Director of Marketing, Merchandising.  After working in some of the country’s best restaurants and honing her hospitality skills, Kaitlin joined the Alliant team in March of 2019. She graduated from Franklin and Marshall with a double major in Art History and Business and has an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America.  She attributes her deep love of art and sushi to her father.