Each quarter, InsightHub highlights a different Alliant team that executes important behind-the-scenes functions for DataHub Members. This edition visits friendly faces Matt Frattaroli and Chris Morse, as well as introduces Henry Cuero and David Bear, who all together manage the partnerships across the digital ad space, from platforms to agencies.

Meet the team:

Matt, VP of Digital Platform & Agency Partnerships, has led the digital team for three years. With his team located across the Northeast, Matt was – and will be again one day – always on the go. He’s been to 47 states with only Arkansas, North Dakota and Iowa left!

Chris, Director of Digital Partnerships, has been a key player in Alliants digital solutions for nine years. Today Chris platform partnerships, making Alliant audiences available across the ecosystem. A seasoned traveler, Chris has been to 14 different countries and looks forward to hoping on a plane again soon.

David, Senior Sales Director – Digital Audiences, joined the team in early 2020. He leads the team in building strategic relationships with holding companies and agencies.  When not working, you can find David eating his favorite food, thin crust pizza, with his wife.

Henry, Director of Digital Data Sales, has been driving key agency and media buyer relationships for two years. As an NYC resident, Henry loves Broadway shows – he’s seen Phantom of the Opera 5 times!

What does a day on the Digital Team look like?

Chris: Every day presents a unique and interesting challenge – that’s my favorite part about working at Alliant! Platforms are integral to how brands and agencies leverage Alliant’s audiences. A day can hold onboarding new audiences, educating platform sales teams, or providing on demand custom audience support through our Audience HelpDesk.

Henry: While Chris is busy on the platform side, David and I are responsible for agency relationships. When I’m not developing relationships with media buyers, I serve as a data consultant to agencies and their brand clients. This is where I provide new, strategic approaches to their digital efforts by leveraging our syndicated and custom segments.

Does data security and compliance play a role in your day to day work at Alliant?

Henry & David: Alliant is an industry leader in both data security and compliance, allowing us to “tout our prowess” with confidence and focus on building the best data solution for advertisers.

Chris: Platforms see us as an industry leader as well, which means data security and compliance is a key differentiator in growing our relationships and establishing new ones.

What has helped your team become more efficient reaching your goals in the past year?

Matt: Our newly developed internal reporting tool, known as DSR (Digital Sales Report). DSR consolidates Alliant audience usage reporting from 14 adtech platforms into a unified view. It’s been fun and rewarding collaborating with internal teams to build this custom tool that sales, marketing, analytics and product teams benefit from.

David: In fact, I recently used the DSR to show a client our growth via testing at the account level – nice to see all of the hard work paying off!

What are the biggest opportunities for digital marketing in 2021?

Chris: Shifting away from the cookie. Having a stable, privacy compliant identifier and working closely with industry colleagues is an exciting opportunity to tackle a post-cookie world.

Matt: Either the cookie or addressable TV – wherever the consumer eye goes, so do the dollars.

David: Don’t forget about the focus on 2nd party data!

Can you share a challenge you faced on a recent project that resulted in a surprising outcome?

Chris: Building FLA compliant audiences was a challenging project to align across Legal and Data Science, but resulted in differentiated solutions in a tightly regulated market.

Henry: The FLA process has also helped us become more thorough and thoughtful consultants in our space. Challenging yet rewarding.

What is your favorite thing about working at Alliant?

Matt: We are well positioned at the crossroads of the rapidly evolving consumer marketing space. With our expertise in handling PII, compliance, understanding transactional data and digital distribution – we have the foundation every cross-channel marketer needs to thrive in 2021.

David: The people I work with every day and our position in the market, they’re unmatched!

Henry: The people are great, but I’d have to say how Alliant is always two steps ahead of the data trends makes the job exciting and engaging.


Natalie Carnazza, Marketing Coordinator

Natalie manages Alliant’s event sponsorships and social media. She is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Digital & Interactive Marketing. Natalie interned on Alliant’s Product Marketing team throughout her senior year of college and was brought on full-time shortly after. When Natalie is not at work, you can find her writing pretty letters for her calligraphy side hustle or talking about her two cats.