A selection of current happenings and news items from Alliant that may be of interest to our Members.

Expanding Brand-Specific Audiences

70+ new purchase-based brand propensity audiences are now available in all major platforms for two new categories: big spenders and brand switchers. Check out the updated taxonomy, or reach out for brand-specific custom audience solutions based on credit and bank card transactions.

Alliant in the News

Alliant’s VP of Digital Platform & Agency Partnerships, Matt Frattaroli, explores how contextual and audience targeting can be complimentary media buying strategies and how they can work together for the best results. Read the full article featured in AiThority.Com.

Donna Hamilton, SVP of Data Strategy, provided her thoughts on the data industry and its future in the latest edition of Truthset’s Inside the Data Providers Studio.
Alliant is proud to welcome Mitch Eisenberg to our leadership team. As the General Counsel and Data Compliance Officer, Mitch will be a strategic advisor as we continue to lead our Members and partners into the future of omnichannel marketing.
Highlights from Winterberry Group’s 2022 Annual Market Outlook

Highlights from Winterberry Group’s 2022 Annual Market Outlook

The Direct Marketing Club of New York kicked off the year hosting the 2022 Industry Forecast Annual Outlook event. As a proud sponsor, Alliant joined fellow marketers and industry leaders to hear Winterberry Group’s Senior Managing Partner Bruce Biegel review the top trends coming out of 2021 and his cross-channel U.S. marketing spend predictions for 2022.

The rebound of US marketing spend through another pandemic year was significant in 2021, up 21.6% compared to 2020. That is a whopping $77.4 billion increase – largely driven by gains in digital spending. Growth is expected to continue in 2022 with a forecasted 11.8% increase.

Here are some of the key trends that will influence performance in the year ahead:

Spending on Data, Identity and Data Services Increases Across all Channels

Omnichannel strategies to deliver consistent experiences across all touchpoints is more important than ever – and data serves as the foundation. In 2021, the use of data was up in every marketing channel with spend on data, data services, identity and platforms growing by 26.4%. The largest spend gains were seen in digital media, web personalization and TV (addressable, CTV and linear).

For 2022, overall data spend across all channels is expected to grow 13.1%. TV data usage will see the largest percentage increases at 19.2%, representing $5.1B total. While expected increases aren’t as high for digital media and direct mail, they still take the number 1 and 2 spots respectively for total data spend.

TV and Video Everywhere

Video formats across devices were a catalyst for growth in 2021 as budgets shifted towards Connected TV to align with changing viewership habits. CTV has proven to be a must-have component of a marketer’s strategy, and it expected to grow by another $5B in 2022. Additionally, video strategies across linear, advanced TV (CTV/OTT) and digital will continue to converge, with total spend reaching $130B.

Direct Mail is Making a Comeback

2021 was a big year for direct mail, up 10% YOY with total spend at $41.9 billion. In addition to spend, direct mail volume also increased by 4.7%. So what is leading the comeback? Most direct mail marketing, 80% to be exact, now supports pure customer acquisition. Cross-sell and loyalty initiatives lead growth in retention mail, which saw an increase of 7.9% for the year.

Direct mail and other offline marketing spend will continue to benefit from omnichannel commerce strategies and solutions. Direct mail marketing spend is forecasted to grow 3.5% in 2022.

Challenges are Changing DTC

Retail commerce is integrating digital and physical shelves as inventory challenges continue. With retail marketing spend projected to double to $40 billion in 2022, a DTC marketer’s budget should remain elastic as spend moves to and from media marketplaces. Marketers need to consider outcomes over impressions, closely monitoring how performance is tracked to ensure the greatest ROI.

Changes Around Identity Standards and Regulation Continue

Third party cookies received an extended lifeline in 2021, but that doesn’t mean marketers should pause preparation for the future. Privacy and data regulations will continue to expand in 2022, mostly at the state level as no national privacy legislation is likely in an election year.

Identity solutions will evolve as the competition and control dynamic across varying channels continues. In addition to regulatory decisions, browser developers, device manufactures, and consumers all influence emerging targeting and measurement solutions. Marketers will need to maintain a flexible approach to effectively reach consumers.

After a tremendous year in advertising and marketing, the rally is expected to continue. Marketers are diversifying their marketing channels and strategies are increasingly data-driven. Alliant is committed to providing a collaborative data environment to help our Members and partners grow in a constantly evolving ecosystem. Reach out to our team to learn more and check out the full report to see all Winterberry Group 2022 predictions!

Source: Winterberry Group “Outlook for Advertising, Marketing and Data 2022”

The Marketer’s Guide to Audience Modeling

The Marketer’s Guide to Audience Modeling

Marketers are surrounded by predictive modeling and machine learning that helps shape the audiences included in their campaigns.

Predictive modeling is informing audience selection just about everywhere. Whether it’s audience recommendations in marketing automation platforms, underlying algorithm(s) powering campaigns in DSPs, or a 1st party data look-alike modeling feature.

While a marketer doesn’t have much control over the stock algorithms or modeling capabilities within their platforms, they do have a say once they start entertaining custom audience solutions. And it wasn’t until recently that anyone outside of analytics-related roles really questioned the specifics of their modeled solutions.

Marketers upping their analytic game will help with solution evaluation, foster more strategic discussions with a broader group of teams, and drive better results.

This guide provides the foundation for a deeper understanding of custom audience modeling.

A Quick Look Back at 2021 Product & Solution Updates

A Quick Look Back at 2021 Product & Solution Updates

A lot happened at Alliant over the past year. Here are some quick highlights to help you and your business take full advantage of DataHub Membership!

  1. Reaching quality consumers across all channels is foundational for marketers so we released 350+ new Brand Propensity audiences built from activity across 175MM credit and bank cards
  2. Data collaboration is an integral component of a holistic strategy going forward, so we’ve extended our own collaborative environment through integrations with platforms like Snowflake, AWS Data Exchange and Karlsgate
  3. Connected TV (CTV) viewership has surpassed traditional TV, so we expanded audience distribution with leading CTV platforms like Cadent
  4. Third-party cookies are going away in 2023, so we future proofed the DataHub identity map with refined hygiene rules for hashed email and IP and integrated with leading unique ID frameworks such as UID2.0 and RampID (check out our webinar on how to prepare for the cookie-less future)
  5. The marketing landscape is changing faster than ever so we published 40+ new pieces of content across the quarterly Member newsletter, the Alliant blog and industry publications to help Members develop, activate and refine multichannel data strategies
  6. Data quality matters to all of us so we completed the first full year of partnership with Truthset, adding new data sets for quarterly scoring and improving Alliant Audiences based on report results
  7. Marketers need to have confidence in their partners, so we’ve continued our commitment to transparency and trust with renewed certifications for SOC 2 and IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency
  8. DataHub Members require fast and forward-thinking solutions, so we made significant upgrades to our technology stack that enables our data scientists to leverage even more data with the latest machine learning methodologies

If you’d like to learn more about any of the 2021 updates, or what we have in store for 2022, please reach out to your account manager!


A selection of current happenings and news items from Alliant that may be of interest to our Members.

As a member of the AI and Machine Learning working group, VP of Data Science Malcolm Houtz joined industry peers as a contributor to the IAB’s latest report Understanding Bias in AI for Marketing. He also offered his insight in a live panel discussion focused on establishing frameworks for better AI solutions.

Clara Barnett, Project Manager of Sales Operations Improvement, was presented with the 2021 Young Professional Award from the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association. Alliant is proud to recognize Clara for her contributions to the marketing community and our organization.

Donna Hamilton, SVP of Data Strategy, was named a 2021 DMCNY Silver Apples honoree this year. As a member of the leadership team, Donna drives growth and marketer success by supporting Alliant’s sales, product, and analytics teams with innovative data solutions. We congratulate Donna on this well-deserved recognition!

Alliant’s President & CEO, JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, was a judge for the 2021 AdExchanger Awards at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O conference in October. JoAnne brought her unique perspective and extensive industry knowledge to the panel. We look forward to what 2022 brings in marketing innovation!