Say Hello to Alliant’s Talented New Team Members

Say Hello to Alliant’s Talented New Team Members

With the many changes that face the marketing and advertising industry also comes an opportunity for brands, agencies and publishers to re-evaluate their data strategies and set themselves apart. Alliant has been growing, adding talented individuals to help our clients and partners do just that. These seven new additions will be focused on building out new tech, stronger analytics and helping brands navigate the challenges and opportunities of the next wave of data-driven marketing.

Let’s meet the new team!

Alliant welcomes Brent Pero as Chief Revenue Officer. With an impressive track record that includes SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Acxiom, Brent’s leadership will be focused on brand growth and market expansion at Alliant. “I am excited to be a part of the Alliant team and look forward to driving revenue strategies to take the company to the next level” said Brent. Learn more about his industry experience and what he’ll be working on here at Alliant in this press release.

Joe Licursi joined us in April as the Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration. A certified public accountant, Joe’s managerial experience includes Morgan Stanley and most recently, Melody Capital Partners. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Fordham University.

Anna Beanland joined the Data Science team in March as a Senior Data Analyst. Most recently Anna shared her expertise as the Director of Analytics and Programming at Key Marketing Advantage. Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Science & Mathematics from Iona College.

The Sales team welcomed new Client Success Associate, Alejandro Calderon, in February. A recent graduate from Western Connecticut State University, Alejandro was active in the American Marketing Association and a Director of WCSU’s student-run ad agency.

The Alliant Technology team is quickly expanding with three new members, Daniel, Elwin and Garret. Daniel Talt joins as a Systems Programmer and is a graduate from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems. Prior to Alliant his experience includes time serving in the United States Navy and as a Field Service Technician.

Elwin Cabrera, comes to Alliant from the finance industry with his most recent position as a Software Developer at Finacity. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from State University of New York at Buffalo and will be joining the team as a Systems Developer.

Garret Davis, rounds out new addition in the role of Business Technology Support. Garret has experience within the IT Department at the Town of Mamaroneck government office, and recently graduated from St. John’s University in December 2020.

Please join us in welcoming Brent, Joe, Anna, Alejandro, Daniel, Elwin, and Garret to Alliant! Alliant is always looking to welcome new talent and is still searching for team members across analytics, sales and marketing. Check out all of the open opportunities across the team. We’d love to meet you or that rockstar you might like to recommend!


Hannah Teligades, Marketing Intern

Hannah is currently a student at Fordham University, where she is studying Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Computer Science. She previously interned for Westchester Magazine, where she wrote articles for print and their online platform. Hannah is an avid traveler with 12 countries under her belt already.


Alliant Team Spotlight: Digital Platform & Agency Team

Alliant Team Spotlight: Digital Platform & Agency Team

Each quarter, InsightHub highlights a different Alliant team that executes important behind-the-scenes functions for DataHub Members. This edition visits friendly faces Matt Frattaroli and Chris Morse, as well as introduces Henry Cuero and David Bear, who all together manage the partnerships across the digital ad space, from platforms to agencies.

Meet the team:

Matt, VP of Digital Platform & Agency Partnerships, has led the digital team for three years. With his team located across the Northeast, Matt was – and will be again one day – always on the go. He’s been to 47 states with only Arkansas, North Dakota and Iowa left!

Chris, Director of Digital Partnerships, has been a key player in Alliants digital solutions for nine years. Today Chris platform partnerships, making Alliant audiences available across the ecosystem. A seasoned traveler, Chris has been to 14 different countries and looks forward to hoping on a plane again soon.

David, Senior Sales Director – Digital Audiences, joined the team in early 2020. He leads the team in building strategic relationships with holding companies and agencies.  When not working, you can find David eating his favorite food, thin crust pizza, with his wife.

Henry, Director of Digital Data Sales, has been driving key agency and media buyer relationships for two years. As an NYC resident, Henry loves Broadway shows – he’s seen Phantom of the Opera 5 times!

What does a day on the Digital Team look like?

Chris: Every day presents a unique and interesting challenge – that’s my favorite part about working at Alliant! Platforms are integral to how brands and agencies leverage Alliant’s audiences. A day can hold onboarding new audiences, educating platform sales teams, or providing on demand custom audience support through our Audience HelpDesk.

Henry: While Chris is busy on the platform side, David and I are responsible for agency relationships. When I’m not developing relationships with media buyers, I serve as a data consultant to agencies and their brand clients. This is where I provide new, strategic approaches to their digital efforts by leveraging our syndicated and custom segments.

Does data security and compliance play a role in your day to day work at Alliant?

Henry & David: Alliant is an industry leader in both data security and compliance, allowing us to “tout our prowess” with confidence and focus on building the best data solution for advertisers.

Chris: Platforms see us as an industry leader as well, which means data security and compliance is a key differentiator in growing our relationships and establishing new ones.

What has helped your team become more efficient reaching your goals in the past year?

Matt: Our newly developed internal reporting tool, known as DSR (Digital Sales Report). DSR consolidates Alliant audience usage reporting from 14 adtech platforms into a unified view. It’s been fun and rewarding collaborating with internal teams to build this custom tool that sales, marketing, analytics and product teams benefit from.

David: In fact, I recently used the DSR to show a client our growth via testing at the account level – nice to see all of the hard work paying off!

What are the biggest opportunities for digital marketing in 2021?

Chris: Shifting away from the cookie. Having a stable, privacy compliant identifier and working closely with industry colleagues is an exciting opportunity to tackle a post-cookie world.

Matt: Either the cookie or addressable TV – wherever the consumer eye goes, so do the dollars.

David: Don’t forget about the focus on 2nd party data!

Can you share a challenge you faced on a recent project that resulted in a surprising outcome?

Chris: Building FLA compliant audiences was a challenging project to align across Legal and Data Science, but resulted in differentiated solutions in a tightly regulated market.

Henry: The FLA process has also helped us become more thorough and thoughtful consultants in our space. Challenging yet rewarding.

What is your favorite thing about working at Alliant?

Matt: We are well positioned at the crossroads of the rapidly evolving consumer marketing space. With our expertise in handling PII, compliance, understanding transactional data and digital distribution – we have the foundation every cross-channel marketer needs to thrive in 2021.

David: The people I work with every day and our position in the market, they’re unmatched!

Henry: The people are great, but I’d have to say how Alliant is always two steps ahead of the data trends makes the job exciting and engaging.


Natalie Carnazza, Marketing Coordinator

Natalie manages Alliant’s event sponsorships and social media. She is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Digital & Interactive Marketing. Natalie interned on Alliant’s Product Marketing team throughout her senior year of college and was brought on full-time shortly after. When Natalie is not at work, you can find her writing pretty letters for her calligraphy side hustle or talking about her two cats.

Alliant Partner Spotlight: LiveRamp

Alliant Partner Spotlight: LiveRamp

Each quarter, InsightHub highlights a different Alliant team, however, this quarter, in honor of supporting your 2021 multichannel planning we’re highlighting one of our partners that makes that possible: LiveRamp. Alliant’s VP of Digital Platform & Agency Partnerships, Matt Frattaroli, was recently featured in a LiveRamp partner video. Check it out here!

LiveRamp is a leading data connectivity platform that’s powered by core identity capabilities and an unparalleled network. LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes.

The Alliant and LiveRamp partnership has grown over the years from data onboarding and digital audience distribution to include Liveramp’s IdentityLink. This allows for people-based marketing initiatives across digital channels and addressable TV segment distribution to cable and satellite providers for audience targeting on linear TV.

LiveRamp helps Alliant onboard, pseudonymize, and distribute highly predictive audiences. Given Alliant’s analytic approach and an ethos grounded in privacy by design, LiveRamp was a natural choice for an onboarding partner. LiveRamp serves Alliant by delivering at-scale products and services that can be activated virtually anywhere across the data marketplace.

“In order to ensure our audiences are available across the digital world, we partner with best-of-breed platforms like LiveRamp,” says Matt Frattaroli, Alliant VP of Digital Platform & Agency Partnerships. “We work across their product and strategy teams to ensure that we are always on the forefront of identity and audience delivery to DSPs like MediaMath to TV platforms like Hulu and Xfinity to the latest platforms like Amazon DSP and Snapchat. LiveRamp helps future-proof our identity and provides a virtual guarantee that Alliant can be everywhere our clients need us.”

“Alliant is known as ‘The Audience Company’ for good reason: with over 2,200 segments based on transactional and behavioral data, making them a leader for retail, D2C and finance audiences,” says Kathleen Matawaran, Customer Success Manager, Data Partnerships at LiveRamp.

Want to learn more about our partnership with LiveRamp? Reach out to Matt and the Digital Team to brainstorm how your 2021 programmatic and TV campaigns can benefit.


Natalie Carnazza, Marketing Coordinator

Natalie manages Alliant’s event sponsorships and social media. She is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Digital & Interactive Marketing. Natalie interned on Alliant’s Product Marketing team throughout her senior year of college and was brought on full-time shortly after. When Natalie is not at work, you can find her writing pretty letters for her calligraphy side hustle or talking about her two cats.

Alliant Team Spotlight: ETL Team

Alliant Team Spotlight: ETL Team

Each quarter, InsightHub highlights a different Alliant team that executes important behind-the-scenes functions for DataHub Members. This edition introduces Lou Ferreira, Ping Ye, Kierstin Kohn-Sandoval, and David Larsen, the developers who build and maintain Alliant’s Extract – Transform – Load (ETL) processes. These are the complex routines that manage all data flows into the DataHub.

The ETL team specializes in analyzing complex CRM files from multiple sources and designing the code that will apply  customized business rules that transform the data into Alliant-compatible formats. The resulting normalized data sets ensure that all transactional data is uniform, detailed and ensures the security of Member business information.

Lou, Director of Data Integration, has been with Alliant for 13 years. He manages the team, creating accurate and consistent business rules for ingesting incoming data. He is an avid pasta eater and an expert speller (he even won his 8th grade spelling bee!)

Ping joined Alliant in 2016 as a Senior ETL Developer. Ping is committed to fitness, often seen around the office doing jumping jacks and taking frequent walks.

Kierstin joined Alliant in 2014 as a Production Specialist. After several years assembling and shipping custom Audiences for Alliant Members, she moved over to the ETL team. Kierstin enjoys hiking with her dog, bike rides and gardening. She is looking forward to going to concerts again!

Dave has been an ETL Developer at Alliant for two years, with a special focus on creating and maintaining variables.  When not in the office, you can find him eating Hawaiian pizza with his wife (and college sweetheart!)

What does a day on the ETL team look like?

Lou: We work across many teams to make ETL happen — Alliant has many new Members coming onboard and each new dataset requires a lot of preparation. Collaborating with Data Governance and Analytics, we do a rigorous audit of the Member’s data, conduct an internal data review, build a custom data mart, map source to target data, and then we write the ETL scripts. It really is an art!

How would you describe the value of ETL to the Alliant DataHub?

Dave: Critical. It is essential to have accurate data which both maximizes and optimizes the DataHub for our Members.

Ping: Plus, when data is in a standard format and decoded, that’s when it works best for developing analytic variables and models — and allowing accurate scoring.

Does data security play a role in your day to day work at Alliant?

Lou: Data security has always been a core value at Alliant. We separate consumer PII (personally identifiable information) data from transactional data as the first step when receiving the information. When we ship an audience, we use a “link-key’” to join the consumer to their data — prioritizing privacy at all times.

What has helped your team become more efficient reaching your goals in the past year?

Lou: Collaboration. The team works together closely on every data integration assignment. Each team member attends the data audit reviews — so we learn together how to handle ingesting and arranging different data.

Kierstin: Collaboration is foundational. We also added a member of the analytics team to our data auditing meetings which has helped us become more efficient in our ETL creation process.

Dave: I would attribute our efficiency to weekly status meetings and good communications with colleagues.

Can you share a challenge you faced on a recent project that resulted in a surprising outcome?

Lou: A client had asked Alliant to append specific attributes to enrich to their customer file. The problem was they had multiple IDs for many customers, which created challenges in customer account tracking, maintenance and order processing. Thanks to some creative thinking and hard work, Alliant was able to link all of the client’s customers and orders to a single, unique ID.

What is your favorite thing about working at Alliant?

Dave: Although the work is challenging, I really enjoy the people that I work with — it’s a great team to be a part of!

Kierstin: I’ve been at Alliant for six years now and my favorite things about working here are the company culture and my awesome coworkers.

Lou: I really do love my job. It’s a constant challenge to work with millions of consumer records and billions of transactions to make sure that all of the data is reliable and accurate.

What is the best and most challenging part about working from home?

Dave: I like that I can put in extra hours to catch up on projects, but my dog barking and family can be a distraction.

Kierstin: The best part is that I gain almost seven hours a week back in commuting time, but it is challenging having to provide my own snacks.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one food you couldn’t live without?

Ping: Honestly, I couldn’t live without vegetables! As someone who loves to cook, fresh food is essential to me.

Member Spotlight: Kiplinger

Member Spotlight: Kiplinger

As told to Rene Hamill

Kiplinger is a nearly 100-year-old publishing company based in Washington D.C. that provides business forecasts and personal finance advice in print and online. Kiplinger has been an Alliant partner and DataHub Member for more than 12 years. In early 2019 Kiplinger was acquired by London-based Dennis Publishing Ltd., which also owns the New York based magazine and fellow Alliant DataHub Member, The Week.  We spoke with Kiplinger CEO, Denise Elliot, about the merger and how it has impacted strategy. Denise has been with Kiplinger for more than 14 years and has 20 years of experience working for subscription-based information providers.

Rene Hamill: Kiplinger and The Week recently went through a merger with Dennis Publishing. Can you explain Kiplinger’s business strategy prior to the merger and how it related to your partnership with Alliant?

Denise Elliot: Our focus has always been on our subscribers and providing them with valuable business and financial advice and guidance. In fact, three of our five titles rely solely on subscriber revenue. We maximize subscriber revenue through a robust cross-sell business, so each new subscriber we acquire represents the potential for two, three or more subscriptions. Alliant has been an excellent partner in helping us target the most qualified prospects for the Kiplinger magazine and newsletters.

RH: Since the merger, how has Kiplinger’s strategy changed and how are you now partnering with The Week? Are you able to leverage each other’s customer files?

DE: Kiplinger and The Week are more focused than ever on our subscribers. We’ve begun using and modeling each other’s files, exchanging marketing strategies, and helping each other sell advertising. We have found it easy to cooperate and collaborate, as we both acquire subscribers the same way.

RH: How has Alliant been able to assist with the transition?

DE: Kiplinger acquired the DTP portion of the active subscriber file from Money magazine when it was shuttered. Alliant is helping us onboard those names, scoring and ranking them based on how closely they resemble subscribers to both Kiplinger and The Week. Alliant is also helping us mine and monetize the Money file, which is particularly valuable at a time when we’re transitioning away from agent-sourced subscribers in favor of DTP sources. And finally, Alliant built custom prospect and optimization models for Kiplinger to further leverage the Money file.

RH: Looking ahead to 2020, what strategies will Kiplinger pursue related to product, channel and cross promotion?

DE: Kiplinger does not plan to get out of direct mail any time soon. It’s still profitable for us. We also rely on digital channels, and we’re looking to ramp up marketing efforts on social media, specifically targeting the Facebook audience. We’re always on the lookout for new channels and marketing techniques. Kiplinger and The Week are advertising in each other’s publications, as well.

RH: Great! I know the team and I are looking forward to testing Facebook Audiences with you in 2020 and supporting your growth strategies. Thank you for taking the time.

Interested in testing a new channel in 2020 like Kiplinger? Or have a partner company you would like to bring into the fold to help maximize your audiences? Reach out today!


Rene Hamill, VP of Client Engagement

With over 20 years of marketing and service experience, Rene inspires her team’s consultative approach to data strategy and custom solutions for every client’s unique needs. Her deep data and marketing acumen stem from positions with Reader’s Digest and Direct Media, where she delivered “out-of-the-box” strategies that increased the marketing performance and profitability of her subscription commerce clients.
Data Intelligence for Marketing Success

Data Intelligence for Marketing Success

Since becoming a DataHub Member in 2009 Bottom Line has partnered with Alliant on over 45 custom solutions for acquisition and CRM optimization. Both Rita Shankewitz and Michael Feldstein are long-time Bottom Line team members and highly respected multi-channel marketing experts. Last year, Rita and Michael managed over 20 million promotions and shipped nearly one million books and 9 million newsletters, providing consumers with expert advice on day-to-day living, financial planning, natural healing, brain health and more.

Alliant: So that everyone can get to know you better, please describe your role at Bottom Line.

Bottom Line: We manage marketing strategy and operations, including direct mail, telemarketing, alternate media, and DR-TV. Most of our work involves developing promotions to active and inactive Bottom Line customers.

A: A lot of people these days are making reference to “Data Intelligence”. How would you define it and how does it influence your marketing strategies?

BL: Our work with Alliant is a great example of Data Intelligence. It’s not only the information we already have, but using the right outside data to enhance it. We only have so much information about our prospects and customers. Alliant has much more data about the consumers than Bottom Line has on file. The combination helps us zero in on our target audience more efficiently. We can now promote to incremental prospects profitably — something that we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do. That is directly related to the amount of information available as a DataHub Member.

That’s Data Intelligence. The more we know about our prospects and customers, the more we can determine what, when and where to sell to them. It’s really important to make sure we are sending promotions to people who are most likely to find them appealing — and since most of our offers are on a trial/bill-me basis, identifying people who will most likely respond and pay is very, very important.

That’s what Alliant does for us and it makes us more intelligent marketers.

Alliant has much more data about consumers than Bottom Line has on file — the combination helps us zero in on target audiences more efficiently

A: What kinds of new solutions have been working for Bottom Line?

BL: Cross-member models and segments have been a big success for us. Alliant helps Bottom Line partner with other DataHub Members to identify names from their CRM data mart that we can promote to profitably. Previously we would rent on a straight select basis. Alliant applies cross-member modeling techniques to this larger cross-member segment, allowing Bottom Line to identify and mail more customers that perform well.

A: There has been increased interest in the subscription business model. Bottom Line has been using continuity and subscription offers for quite some time. What best practices can you share?

BL: Because we have such a rich history of data, we are capable of zeroing in on the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer based upon retention rates. You really have to know what your backend is like. How long people stay, how many drop out, what the renewal rate is. Then you can generate a number that gives you an LTV over a certain period of time, whether it is going to be 3 years or 5 years or something else. You don’t want to spend more in acquisition than what a customer is worth.

Another best practice is to increase retention. You have to constantly make people feel good about what they’re receiving each month, each year or however often. When people feel good about the program and see benefits they enjoy, they are going to continue. Don’t assume because you have a customer and you have permission to ship them every month or every quarter or every year that they are going to stay forever. You have to remind them of all of the good things you are doing for them.

The best advice we can give to a newcomer to subscription offers is to focus on Lifetime Value and retention — you don’t want to overspend for a new customer

A: Where do Alliant solutions have the biggest impact at Bottom Line?

BL: We use Alliant for everything! We use Alliant for all of our promotions — to eliminate names that are not profitable — and to find additional CRM names that we didn’t realize are good names. Since we have been working with Alliant, we have more confidence in the models — the models are strong and we’re able to find the best names and make them work for us.

A: Any closing thoughts?

BL: You need to have a lot of passion for your product. Where we used to have competition only in the mailbox, we now have competition in every channel — anybody can buy anything. There needs to be something unique about your product that makes it different, better and more useful than anything else. Alliant helps us find audiences that are ready to share our passion.

A: It is all about the audience! Thank you so much for your thoughts on how Bottom Line Publications has benefited from its DataHub membership over the years.


Robin Newhook, Senior Account Executive

Robin is an enthusiastic marketer who has been a member of Alliant’s Sales & Client Engagement team since 2013. She has an outstanding record of partnership with her clients, striving to develop new solutions, new audiences and new ways to apply “Data Intelligence” across all channels. Robin is also an Adjunct Instructor at The College of Westchester in Sales, Marketing & Consumer Behavior. On weekends she sings and plays guitar and in her classic rock band, Robin and the Hoods.