It’s September and there are only four short months before the California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect. Alliant has been hard at work developing new procedures and processes required to comply with the law, and is well on the road to full compliance.

Although the effort is resource-intensive, Alliant believes that providing consumers with more data transparency will ultimately strengthen the case for responsible data use by marketers.

Ultimately, Alliant believes that data transparency will strengthen the marketplace for consumer insight.

As part of our process, we are coordinating with DataHub Members and third party data providers to discuss their compliance efforts and provide support where possible. Our team has been working closely with industry groups such as ANA, IAB, an ad hoc consortium of peer data providers, in house and outside council to ensure that we have as clear and unified approach to compliance as possible.

Consumer Verification, Anyone?

One challenge that many DataHub Members have is meeting the requirement to verify consumers’ identity before disclosing their data reports. Alliant is developing a robust online platform for managing and documenting consumer requests for their marketing information, and it will be possible to provide this service to DataHub Members. Talk with your Alliant account executive if you would be interested in hearing more about this potential solution.

In the coming weeks, we hope to talk with all DataHub Members about their efforts to comply with CCPA. We look forward to the conversation.


Nick Godlove, Corporate Counsel

Nick came to Alliant after a successful career in private practice advising technology companies on privacy and contracts. He is deeply involved in Alliant’s data security and consumer privacy efforts. Nick earned his law degree at UC Davis and holds a Masters in Cybersecurity from Brown. Nick loves his subscription to Audible, where he listens to a classic novel each month.