Introducing the newest column of the InsightHub newsletter – the Alliant Team Spotlight! Each quarter, we will highlight a different team, often one that executes important behind the scenes jobs. There are over 60 Alliant team members who are responsible for important components of audience building and delivery and the Member experience, and each deserves their own spotlight.

First up: The Alliant Client Services team. Meet Delicia, Brittany, and Steven. They are the daily point of contact for our Members, clients, and internal teams to ensure all orders are processed quickly and compliantly and delivered on time. They consistently exceed standards as they deliver Alliant Audiences.

Delicia Macpherson, Client Services Manager, has been a Client Services team member for over seven years. Today Delicia leads the team, accountable for day to day job flow, training, and continued operational improvement across teams. Delicia took ice skating lessons as a college student, and loves to get out on the ice any time she can! She spent this past winter passing her love of skating on to her four year-old niece.

Brittany Whitcomb joined the Alliant team in 2019 in the role of Client Services Associate, and quickly became the main point of contact for many clients. Outside of the office, Brittany enjoys being outdoors; you can often find her wake surfing in the warmer months and skiing in the winter! 

Steven Snyder, Client Services Associate, joined the team earlier this year, and supports Delicia and Brittany in client communication and order fulfillment. Steven loves to travel in his free time – his favorite destination is the Caribbean and he hopes to explore Europe in the future.

What does a day in Client Services look like?

BW: We work closely with sales, production and finance to execute jobs as they are scheduled – communicating across many teams each day. We receive the job request in the form of a Purchase Order, or directly from the account manager, and proceed to carefully track each piece of the order using internal systems and Salesforce. We approve counts, confirm pre-selects, coordinate jobs in the production cue, review modeling outputs and final selects, and ultimately confirm the job with finance for billing.

DM: Yes, we are the caretakers of each order while it is in Alliant’s hands. We take Member and client data and audiences very seriously. The most important component of this is communicating. What file, what model, what pre-select etc. The key to success is clear communication with our clients and internal partners.

What is your favorite thing about working at Alliant?

SS: Alliant has a very supportive and friendly culture. Everyone helps each other to grow and learn, within and across teams, through our onboarding and training programs such as the Knowledge Exchange, which highlights a different component of the business each week. Someone is always available to help address a challenge or grab lunch and share what their team is working on.

What is a challenge you faced at Alliant that resulted in a surprising outcome?

BW: A few months ago, a client sent in 45 orders to be processed within 48 hours. At the time, we had 80 jobs in the processing que. We immediately strategized with our production team on prioritization and developed a plan. Due to some great teamwork, and recent investment in SAS Viya which has improved turnaround times, it was a busy two days, but we successfully delivered all 125 files on time.

How does data security play a role in your day to day work at Alliant?

DM: It is a top priority when handling orders, starting with the SFTP set up. We have strict processes that ensure we are receiving and returning files in accordance with data security policies to confirm that the data is not compromised in any way. Alliant’s commitment to compliance is built into our DNA as an organization, so all processes are designed and agreed upon with a compliance-first mindset.

What do you think the biggest opportunity is in marketing right now?

DM: Direct mail – coupled with optimization of course. We’ve seen many new DTC brands explore direct mail, but not all of them realize the power of optimization through predictive modeling – yet! It’s not as scary as it sounds, and Members we’ve worked with will attest to the positive impact on direct mail campaigns.

BW: I’m interested to see how Addressable TV will grow in 2020, especially during an election year. I see it as an opportunity for political campaigns to have the capability to go beyond traditional advertising methods and target more specific segments of viewers.

SS: Digital marketing as a whole – Google’s cookie announcement has created a lot of opportunity for digital innovation and is a reminder to digital marketers about the importance of ethically sourced offline consumer data.

What’s one thing you couldn’t be stranded on a desert island without?

Team: Coffee! Our team runs on caffeine – so much so, that we have our own Client Services Keurig machine in our area.

Alliant’s Client Services team, fueled by k-cups, works to keep projects organized and running smoothly – even when there are more orders than hours in the day. Stay tuned for our Q2 Alliant Team Spotlight; Data Science! 


Clara Barnett, Associate Marketing Manager

Clara manages Alliant’s event sponsorships, social media, and public relations. Clara is a graduate of Washington & Jefferson College, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication Arts and a Minor degree in Environmental Studies. The master of event coordination, Clara worked as the Assistant to the Director of Conferences & Events during her time at W&J. Clara is an adventurous food lover, there is nothing she won’t try. The craziest thing she has eaten – live crickets on a wilderness trip.