Great Prospects are Right Next Door in the DataHub. Get to Know Your Neighbors.

Source Unique Prospects with Cross-Member Modeling

You have great 1st party data at Alliant – and so do other Members, let us help you create mutually beneficial relationships.


Work with Account Executive

Work with your Account Executive to determine who the right partner is

Alliant will facilitate the opportunity

Use a new or existing model to find unique prospects

Deliver your campaign through your preferred channel including digital, direct mail, Facebook, and email

Contact your account executive to develop a DataHub partner strategy today

Optimize Your 1st Party Data

Learn More About Other Exclusive DataHub Member Benefits like Multi-channel CRM Optimization

Superior Insight

A multichannel view of consumer profit potential

Improved CRM

Unify and engage customers across channels

World Class Security

Business integrity and impeccable privacy controls

Marketing ROI

Reduces operating costs and improved profit

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