One interesting observation I’ve heard about COVID-19’s impact on our lives and businesses is the accelerated adoption of new “norms” that otherwise might take five to ten years to come about naturally.

The rapid shift to remote work and tele-learning are two obvious examples. The surge in food delivery and media subscriptions — as we’ve observed in our own DataHub — is another powerful signal.

No doubt you have other examples from your own experience. Love it or hate it, we have no choice but to incorporate rapid change into our lives and our businesses. And while change is nothing new in the marketing industry, it is coming at us faster than ever.

If you look at it through the right lens, that spells opportunity.

The content of this newsletter illustrates some of the ways our organization embraces change so that we can better serve yours. Thought-leadership in data governance and our rapid adoption of machine learning (“with caveats”), are two examples of racing toward the future. Other initiatives include expanding Alliant’s identity map, and innovating new ways to reach audiences traditional targeting may miss.

Alliant is constantly asking how we can be ahead of where our clients need to be. In that conversation, DataHub Members are our most valuable resource. By the time you read this, you should have received a new Member Survey from us. We hope you will make time to provide us with your insights on how Alliant can continue to support your success.

Wishing you Continued Good Health,

JoAnne Monfradi Dunn
President & CEO


President & Chief Executive Officer

JoAnne is the founder of Alliant – and the architect of our vision to deliver innovative consumer targeting solutions powered by the aggregated purchase transactions of multiple direct-to-consumer marketers.

A lifetime marketer, JoAnne’s career includes positions at Time Life, The Norman Rockwell Museum, and Mal Dunn Associates. She is a committed advocate for development of comprehensive data governance and security standards, and has a long history of industry service. She is also an expert baker.