There is Magic in Your 1st Party Data.

Let Alliant Harness It For You.


Your Unified 1st Party Data and Alliant Analytics Drive the Results You Need.

As an Alliant DataHub Member your disparate CRM is unified and ready for action. You can use this asset to understand your customer segments and optimize engagement in every channel.


Leverage deep transactional data from the DataHub to identify customers that are likely to have a high LTV


Maximize the value of your best customers by identifying who is likely to buy other products/services from you


Grow reach and engage with your brand by reactivating those who have bought in the past

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Power Marketing ROI in Every Channel

Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset

It all starts with your 1st party data. As a member, we can quickly access the consolidated data we already have in-house.

Free Analytics

Alliant’s data scientists build custom models to optimize your audience segments based on specific business objectives. Don’t forget, you also benefit from all of the 2nd and 3rd party in the DataHub.

Action Across Channels

You operate in a world where the audience matters more than the channel. Whether it is direct mail, Facebook, email or programmatic, your CRM audiences are always available for consistent engagement across any channel.


Your customers are constantly evolving so optimization is more than a one-time action. Specialized automated processes ensure that your audiences are continuously updated and deployed where you need them.

Action on Your Optimized Segments

Let’s build a custom CRM optimization plan across all channels – we can start with testing in Facebook for Free! Activate this Exclusive DataHub Member Benefit by contacting your account executive today.


Source Unique Prospects with Cross-Member Modeling

Learn More About This Exclusive DataHub Member Benefit.

Superior Insight

A multichannel view of consumer profit potential

Improved CRM

Unify and engage customers across channels

World Class Security

Business integrity and impeccable privacy controls

Marketing ROI

Reduces operating costs and improved profit

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