Seems impossible, but Q4 is on the way. That means planning season here at Alliant — and most likely in your shop too. So as you think about your goals for 2020, consider this novel resolution: Plan on implementing the results of a Fall marketing test.

Sure, Fall is go-time — the time most marketers double-down on all of the good stuff they learned over the course of the year to spin gold in Q4. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look into new ideas to jump-start new growth for next year.

DataHub Members have built-in idea-storming partners in the form of Alliant AEs and SMEs. 

DataHub Members have built-in idea-storming partners in the form of Alliant AEs and SMEs. Fellow Members have learned – simply reach out for new profit-driving ideas in any marketing channel.

Here’s a sampling of some of the client test projects Alliant is currently working on for Q4 delivery:

  • Testing new Alliant Audience segments such as one of 120 new Product Propensities
  • House file segment testing with Alliant’s social-media driven interest profiles
  • Building and testing custom Alliant look-alike audience against the algorithm-driven audiences in Facebook or Google
  • Coop or response list segment expansion testing

Take a minute before the holiday rush to see if there is some new test strategy you can use to boost your estimates for 2020 planning. Alliant is sponsoring several events this fall – all great venues to brainstorm over coffee. Or give us a call! After all, what else are partners for?

JoAnne Monfradi Dunn
President & CEO


President & Chief Executive Officer

JoAnne is the founder of Alliant – and the architect of our vision to deliver innovative consumer targeting solutions powered by the aggregated purchase transactions of multiple direct-to-consumer marketers.

A lifetime marketer, JoAnne’s career includes positions at Time Life, The Norman Rockwell Museum, and Mal Dunn Associates. She is a committed advocate for development of comprehensive data governance and security standards, and has a long history of industry service. She is also an expert baker.