Whenever Alliant holds strategic reviews with DataHub Members, one comment seems to come up again and again: “Finding new or additional sources of unique and qualified names for acquisition efforts is one of our key marketing challenges”.

Given the structural and compliance changes in the audience ecosystem, this is likely to remain a persistent dilemma — especially for marketers that rely on direct mail as a cornerstone of their acquisition efforts. Luckily, for most Alliant DataHub Members, there’s a readily-available resource.

Your Most Under-Leveraged Marketing Asset

DataHub Members rely on Alliant custom models to generate qualified audiences, or optimize campaign files by suppressing low-performing prospects. What many Members don’t realize is that those same performance models are an under-leveraged resource that  can be used to deep-mine internal and external sources — making them more profitable than ever.

Think of your Alliant performance model as a secret acquisition weapon

Think of your Alliant performance model as a secret acquisition weapon that can be redeployed to find incremental, highly-qualified names in critical marketing assets like:

  • Continuation sources: Expand segment selections in already high-performing audiences
  • Cooperatives: Mine for productive pockets in lower score groups and coop fails
  • Aggregated prospect sources: Find productive pockets in compiled databases
  • Marginal test files: Revive audiences from borderline tests or fatigued audiences
  • House-files: Mine older segments of expired or inactive customers
  • List level models: Mine for productive pockets in lower score groups

Audience Mining Made Easy

Audience mining is a straightforward process. Essentially, it means using your existing Alliant performance model to re-score marginally productive segments. Your Alliant model lets you take a second look at these borderline segments — and cherry-pick the top performers for your final campaign.

Audience Mining delivers a larger audience to select from and the chance to select only who will be most profitable.

There are different ways to leverage Audience Mining in your campaign planning. Some prefer list-level scoring, others like to score everything at once and assemble the final campaign based on the optimization results.

Either way, added scoring costs are more than offset by the increased profitability of the campaign. And with Alliant’s high-performance systems turn-around time is never an issue.

Audience mining is an extremely effective strategy for increasing campaign volume — and net profit. If you aren’t already using this solution, be sure to invest a bit of time with your Alliant Account Executive to plan a test strategy — there’s nothing more satisfying than finding more profitable names in familiar sources! 

Take a Deeper Dive — Look for more on effective Audience Mining strategies in the next InsightHub


Rene Hamill, VP Client Engagement

With over 20 years of marketing and service experience, Rene inspires her team’s consultative approach to data strategy and custom solutions for every client’s unique needs. Her deep data and marketing acumen stem from positions with Reader’s Digest and Direct Media, where she delivered “out-of-the-box” strategies that increased the marketing performance and profitability of her subscription commerce clients.