Membership Has Its Privileges

A Welcome From Alliant’s CEO

Since its founding, Alliant has developed a strong symbiotic relationship with the people who entrust their data to us. Working together, we drive each other to deliver marketing success with continuing innovation in data-driven solutions.

We value this sense of community, and we give a lot of thought to ways we can enhance it…

Keep Your Negative Option Approach Positive

For most experienced marketers negative option contracts are nothing new.

Traditionally the contract of choice for magazine subscriptions and continuity marketers, negative option deals today are enjoying a renaissance. Auto-renew offers are being used in emerging businesses ranging from subscription boxes to popular media services like Netflix, all manner of new information and services businesses, and even auto-shipped consumer packaged goods. Typically the consumer receives the first month (or months) free….

Data Intelligence for Marketing Success

Since becoming a DataHub Member in 2009 Bottom Line has partnered with Alliant on over 45 custom solutions for acquisition and CRM optimization. Both Rita Shankewitz and Michael Feldstein are long-time Bottom Line team members and highly respected multi-channel marketing experts. Last year, Rita and Michael managed over 20 million promotions and shipped nearly one million books and 9 million newsletters, providing consumers with expert advice on day-to-day living…

Harnessing New Technology to Drive Growth

Today, marketers operate in an omnichannel world. Customers are generating more points of data across more devices and channels than ever before. Also, new platforms and technologies enable marketers to test and deploy multivariate campaigns with dynamic touch-points — offering unprecedented testing…

The Right Audience for Any Channel

Alliant has developed a sizable cadre of DataHub Members who regularly deploy both custom and syndicated Alliant audiences in their Facebook marketing. A DataHub Member recently tested 11 Alliant audiences in Facebook for two different campaigns and had some favorable results


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