Happy Spring!

By JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO

After what felt like a long winter, a change of season brings new life, growth, and exploration. To support the growth of our DataHub Member community in unprecedented times, Alliant has invested in research with the Winterberry Group, diving deep into collaborative data solutions and how they will help shape next frontier of data-driven marketing.

If you have not already signed up, please join us, this Thursday, April 1st for an exclusive Member Webinar featuring Winterberry’s Managing Partner, Bruce Biegel. Bruce will be joined by Kurt Kendall, Chief Data Officer from longtime DataHub Member, Publishers Clearing House, and Alliant experts Donna Hamilton and Matt Frattaroli. Together their conversation will illuminate how your DataHub Membership places you a step ahead of many brands, and introduce ideas on how you can develop more collaborative data strategies within your existing partnerships.

This is a not to be missed event, and Alliant is buying lunch. Register now to secure attendance and your lunch delivery code.

30 Data & Analytics Terms Every Marketer Should Know

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, the amount of terms and acronyms in the marketing industry can be overwhelming. A rapidly evolving landscape with technology advancements, emerging channels and new regulations have only amplified this challenge. Curious marketers trying to better understand platforms or tech might be found muttering “WTF is a vMVPD?”

Think You Know 2nd Party Data? You Might be Surprised.

Commonly accepted definitions of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data have been around for a while, taking hold in the early 2010’s and becoming more prevalent in the last 5 years. Unlike its siblings though, the concept of 2nd party data has never quite solidified itself in the lexicon of marketers. That is all going to change in the face of an evolving marketplace and 2nd party data isn’t likely to suffer from middle child syndrome much longer…

Your Custom Model Didn’t Work… Now What?

Originally published in AdExchanger, Senior Data Scientist, Asya Takken explores one of the best parts of her job – investigating why a model didn’t work.  For Members, who have unmatched access to the Alliant Data Science team, we hope this article helps you understand how to make your models even stronger and perhaps it will even inspire you to build and test a few new models.

Data driven marketing is at its best when powered by predictive analytics. Many brands hum along on big platform machine learning algorithms, generating lookalike audiences for…

Alliant Team Spotlight: Digital Platform & Agency Team

Each quarter, InsightHub will highlight a different team that executes important behind-the-scenes functions…


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