What Comes Next?

By JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO

On behalf of everyone at Alliant, we hope this message finds you, your family and your teams faring well and looking ahead to brighter days. Like us, you are probably beginning to grapple seriously with the question of “What’s Next?”

Is it time to reopen offices? What do customers need from us? Is our marketing striking the right tone with prospects? What has changed forever — and what will remain the same?

How to Justify Spending on Direct Mail Optimization

Extensive campaign analysis embodies the scientific beauty of direct mail, allowing savvy marketers to test, evaluate and roll out creative, audience and offer variations. Today, close scrutiny of direct mail performance has become a means of survival, with marketers trying to prove ROI to stakeholders at every drop…

Alliant Achieves IAB Tech Lab Certification for Data Transparency

Alliant is among the first companies to be verified under the IAB Tech Lab’s new Data Transparency standard! The Data Label program gives data buyers tools and insights to provide confidence they’re getting what is advertised in an audience segment…

Alliant Team Spotlight: Data Science

Each quarter InsightHub will highlight a different team that executes important behind-the-scenes functions…

DTC’s Challenge: Identifying Long-term Customers Amid an Unexpected Boom

The pandemic has brought on a great deal of uncertainty for every business, especially those with direct-to-consumer business models. Early expectations were that the pandemic would crush DTC businesses’ growth. However, Alliant’s observations of clients and DataHub Members who operate DTC businesses show that the actual results have been…

Debunking Addressable TV Advertising's Biggest Myth: Scale

Originally published in Broadcasting & Cable, this exploration of scale in Addressable TV is an excellent follow-up to our recent introduction to the channel. As many DataHub Members continue to explore using Alliant Audiences in their TV strategy, we will continue to offer new insight and ideas here in the InsightHub.


A roundup of Alliant’s COVID-19 response and exclusive support offerings for DataHub Members.