A Message from JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO

Say Hello to Alliant's Talented New Team Members

With the many changes that face the marketing and advertising industry also comes an opportunity for brands, agencies and publishers to re-evaluate their data strategies and set themselves apart. Alliant has been growing, adding talented individuals to help our clients and partners do just that. These seven new additions will be focused on building out new tech, stronger analytics and helping brands navigate the challenges and opportunities of the next wave of data-driven marketing. Let’s meet the new team!

Why Data Co-ops May be a Path Forward for Identity Solutions

Originally published by WARC in April, this piece is more relevant than ever with Alliant’s recent announcement of its support of Unified ID 2.0.  We hope Members are actively considering how to connect to these ID solutions and how Alliant and your DataHub membership can help.

3 Easy Ways to Apply Data Enrichment

Brands should be actively investing in the collection and activation of 1st party data. According to IAB’s State of Data 2021 report, which surveyed more than 200 data decision makers across brands, agencies, and publishers, 42% of respondents expect to increase spending on use of 1st party data due to changes to 3rd party cookies and identifiers. Yet, they also found that less than half of data users are collecting sophisticated media, shopping and behavioral 1st party data…

Acronyms, Anyone? A Privacy Regulation Update

While most of the country is just now breaking out of lockdown, state legislatures from coast to coast have been busy over the past 14+ months hammering out privacy laws. Here in the U.S., the CCPA has gained the lion’s share of industry and press attention, but since January 1st, 2020, other states have entered the data privacy arena. This quick overview provides a rundown of privacy legislation passed since CCPA first took effect, insight on other bills likely to go into effect, and some ideas on how to prepare.

The Power in Marketers Understanding Predictive Modeling Methods

Marketers are surrounded by predictive modeling and machine learning. Whether it’s the underlying algorithm(s) powering campaigns in DSPs, suggested subject lines in marketing automation platforms, or custom models built specifically for various business objectives, predictive modeling is everywhere…


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