Adapting to the New Normal

By JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO

One interesting observation I’ve heard about COVID-19’s impact on our lives and businesses is the accelerated adoption of new “norms” that otherwise might take five to ten years to come about naturally.

The Holiday season is a natural time to count blessings, give thanks and plan for the future. With the unbelievable challenges in 2020, many of us are probably more focused on looking ahead rather than looking back. Yet, as a marketer contemplating the lengthening shadows of 2020, it makes sense to revisit the lessons learned over the year — and consider how they might form the foundation for 2021.

We can all agree, consumer behavior has changed — and many of those changes are likely to be with us for some time. You know the trends: more time at home; more time to consume media in every channel; and more time and money being spent on creature comforts.

4 Quick Tips to Guarantee Digital Audience Testing Success

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5 Reasons to Maintain a Human Element in Marketing Data

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Why You Need to Build a Data Governance Team Right Now

Originally published by Street Fight Magazine, this commentary from Alliant’s compliance expert introduces the the importance of a Data Governance for brands. You may know Nick from CCPA and other compliance related conversations with Alliant. Here he offers the what, why and who that every brand should consider when building a Data Governance Team in their organization. 

Modern marketing has increasingly become a data-driven practice by necessity. Any organization lacking a data strategy is lagging behind its technologically advanced competitors

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