Membership is a Journey, Not a Destination

By JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO

The Holidays are a natural time to take stock of what took place this year and begin setting priorities for the year to come. 

Among the many 2019 accomplishments logged by our team, increased engagement with DataHub Members ranks high on my gratitude list…

Where the Cloud and Big Data Analytics Meet

Changing Marketing Data Analytics and Management in 2020

You are the master of your Big Data strategy – your first party data is collected and organized in the Alliant DataHub, and possibly in another coop or even a CDP. You harness it with powerful technology and sophisticated machine learning, replacing the manual segmentation strategies of another era and improving campaign ROI.  But as you strategize for a new year, what more might be on your optimization wish list…

An Update on CCPA

Digging in to recent amendments and regulations

Legislative proposals to amend the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) statute were recently signed, finalizing the law for its January 1, 2020 effective date.  Highlights from amendments to the law include…

Member Spotlight: Kiplinger

As told to Rene Hamill

Kiplinger is a nearly 100-year-old publishing company based in Washington D.C. that provides business forecasts and personal finance advice in print and online. Kiplinger has been an Alliant partner and DataHub Member for more than 12 years…

A Tribute to Greg Dunn

Remembering Alliant Co-Founder and CFO

This September the Alliant team suffered the sudden loss of Co-Founder and CFO, Greg Dunn.  Greg was a true Renaissance man and entrepreneur — his worldly outlook and creative approach to problem solving was a driving force in Alliant’s success. While…

2020 Insights from Alliant’s Digital Team

Addressable TV, politics, pricing and more

There are moments when the digital industry feels like it is chasing the hyperloop of change. Platforms, data providers, marketers, consumers… change has touched all of us this year and we expect it to continue at record speeds in 2020…


A selection of current happenings and news items from Alliant that may be of interest to our Members.