Welcome to the Season of Big Ideas

By JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President & CEO

The Holiday season is a natural time to count blessings, give thanks and plan for the future. With the unbelievable challenges in 2020, many of us are probably more focused on looking ahead rather than looking back. Yet, as a marketer contemplating the lengthening shadows of 2020, it makes sense to revisit the lessons learned over the year — and consider how they might form the foundation for 2021.

We can all agree, consumer behavior has changed — and many of those changes are likely to be with us for some time. You know the trends: more time at home; more time to consume media in every channel; and more time and money being spent on creature comforts.

2020 DataHub Trends & Predictions for 2021

Member data is updated monthly in the DataHub, providing the Alliant team insight into the purchase behaviors of consumers during the pandemic. Monitoring this consumer purchase data across channels and verticals, the team has identified trends in purchase frequencies, order size, new customer acquisition, and more. Here are a few of our highlights as well as some predictions for 2021…

Brands Need to Use the Pandemic to Clean Up their Data

Making first-party data more accessible is the first step in responding to behavioral shifts during the pandemic

Originally published by ClickZ, this commentary from Alliant’s CEO encourages brands to see the rapid shifts in consumer behavior as the best reason to focus on data hygiene and relevancy.  As DataHub Members, we know you already see the value in organized and hygiene data, but with a never-ending stream, there is constant room for improvement to make sure your data and solutions are best serving an ever-changing customer.  

Getting Started with Data Enrichment

Brands that have continued to grow and evolve in the face of challenging times have harnessed data across their organization, particularly in their marketing efforts. Rapid change to how consumer data is acquired and activated is forcing brands to rethink data strategy. Marketers and their partners are focused on the pending deprecation of 3rd party cookies, along with the likely shuttering of device IDs for ad tracking…

Alliant Partner Spotlight: LiveRamp

Each quarter, InsightHub highlights a different Alliant team, however, this quarter, in honor of supporting your 2021 multichannel planning we’re highlighting one of our partners that makes that possible: LiveRamp. Alliant’s VP of Digital Platform & Agency Partnerships, Matt Frattaroli, was recently featured in a LiveRamp partner video. Check it out here!


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