A selection of current happenings and news items from Alliant that may be of interest to our Members.

Serving Our Partners in Uncertain Times

While the Alliant team is fully enabled to work remotely, business operations continue without pause.  See how the team is prepared to partner under our ever-evolving circumstances.

Cookies go to heaven

2020 started with a bang – the announcement of Google’s upcoming elimination of third-party cookies. While it’s easy to think that this change, planned for 2022, is a long way off, the time to prepare is now.

Ramping Up for 2020

Alliant’s team sponsored and attended LiveRamp’s RampUp, check out our recap of the event.

The secret to successful direct mail…

In a recent blog by Rene Hamill, she shared that optimization, powered by predictive modeling is the secret to successful modern direct mail campaigns. Not yet optimizing your DM campaigns? What are you waiting for?