Future-proofing and advancing data-driven marketing strategies can feel daunting with the endless streams of articles, whitepapers, and opinions on the 80+ identity solutions available in the marketplace.  Alliant is in a unique position to bring together industry leaders and embark on a candid discussion about actionable steps that brands can take today to work towards a privacy-safe, collaborative future.

In July of 2021 we hosted such a conversation in partnership with Digiday, hosting Travis Clinger, Senior Vice President of Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp and David Danziger, Vice President of Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk.

A few highlights from the conversations include:

How Google’s extension on sunsetting 3rd party cookies really impacts the timeline for future proofing.

Predictions on what a reality of multiple interoperable ID solutions working in unison might look like.

Alliant’s agnostic and flexible approach to identity enables the best possible support for our Members.

For a deeper look at the many ways you can start building your own strategy around multiple ID solutions, watch the full webinar:


Matt Frattaroli, VP Digital Partnerships

With over a decade of experience in adtech and eCommerce, Matt leads Alliant’s digital team in expanding strategic partnerships with the industry’s largest digital platforms and agencies. Matt’s professional roots are deep in the digital marketing space, having built multiple eCommerce and MarTech companies, including ChoiceStream. In 2015 Matt was recognized by Digiday as a Signal Award Finalist in Data Management and Marketing, for his work with consumer polling validation.