The Holiday season is a natural time to count blessings, give thanks and plan for the future. With the unbelievable challenges in 2020, many of us are probably more focused on looking ahead rather than looking back. Yet, as a marketer contemplating the lengthening shadows of 2020, it makes sense to revisit the lessons learned over the year — and consider how they might form the foundation for 2021.

We can all agree, consumer behavior has changed — and many of those changes are likely to be with us for some time. You know the trends: more time at home; more time to consume media in every channel; and more time and money being spent on creature comforts.

Our careful assessment of new-to-file additions to the DataHub confirms these trends and helps steer the ship for 2021. Destination: multichannel mastery.

An important DataHub observation was an increase in orders and new customer acquisition across email, internet, TV and even direct mail (when it was sent), in some cases up 117% from 2019. Our takeaway? Establishing a diverse, integrated and nimble channel mix is more valuable than ever.  As a DataHub Member, you have unique access to enrich your hard-earned data and audiences to reach consumers in any channel, improving ROI on Membership. If you are only focusing on one channel, you are missing out.  

Plan now to integrate your multichannel strategy, aligning multi-use creative, messaging and targeted audiences. Consider your Alliant AE or Sales Executive as a partner on this journey. They can help you survey your data, scope the opportunity, structure a test and put measurement mechanisms in place. Once you start seeing new customers from that channel, we will integrate that feed into the DataHub, helping to monitor and optimize this new channel.

The Alliant team has been truly humbled and honored to partner with you this year. We are full of creative ideas to help you grow your business in 2021 and look forward to the innovative solutions we will develop together.

It is the beginning of a beautiful New Year.

Wishing you Prosperity and Health for 2021,

JoAnne Monfradi Dunn
President & CEO


President & Chief Executive Officer

JoAnne is the founder of Alliant – and the architect of our vision to deliver innovative consumer targeting solutions powered by the aggregated purchase transactions of multiple direct-to-consumer marketers.

A lifetime marketer, JoAnne’s career includes positions at Time Life, The Norman Rockwell Museum, and Mal Dunn Associates. She is a committed advocate for development of comprehensive data governance and security standards, and has a long history of industry service. She is also an expert baker.